Pearl White Screen

A pure smooth, white projector screen material with black backing. The home theatre screen surface provides an exceptionally wide viewing angle at 160° and no resolution loss at any viewing angle. The screen surface utilizes optical microgrooves and a millimicron white layer on the surface for precise image reproduction and no color shift to create a true high definition image of the highest quality. This screen material maintains an excellent depth of modulation for even the most demanding high definition projection devices.  It is a great choice for rooms with high control over ambient light, such as a dedicated theatre, and where an exceptionally wide viewing angle is necessary. Pearl White screen material was designed to work with all projector types including LCD and DLP and also with LED, Laser, and Lamp based light source, and resolutions including 1080p, 4k and even 8k. The screen surface can be cleaned with mild soap and water and is flame retardant and mildew resistant.