Stratus Series - Fixed Frame Home Theater Projector Screen


Stratus Series fixed frame home theatre screen.

The Best Performance For Home Theatre

The Stratus Series from Cirrus Screens is designed in Canada. A velour frame makes the Stratus Series the perfect fit for your home theatre decor. The easy to assemble frame makes set up a breeze.

Our screen materials have been engineered to perform best in class colour reproduction and uniformity. All our screens have been optimized for 4k, 1080p, LED, lamp based, and laser projectors.

  • Available with 1.0 gain Pearl White or 0.8 gain high contrast Slate Gray screens
  • Works well with Lamp, Laser, and LED based projectors
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Optimized for 4K, and 1080p content
  • Elegant design
  • Spring and rod design for perfectly flat viewing area
  • Velour frame for optimal contrast
  • Rounded frame to eliminate shadow-boxing

     Stratus Series home theatre projection screen frame showing spring tensioners

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    Frame Viewing Area
    Width Height Width Height
    CS-100S-178G3 93.46" 55.31" 87" 49"
    CS-110S-178G3 102.20" 60.24" 96" 54"
    CS-120S-178G3 110.90" 65.12" 105" 59"
    CS-135S-178G3 124.00" 72.48" 118" 66"
    CS-150S-178G3 137.00" 79.84" 131" 74"
    CS-125S-235G3 121.3" 55.3" 115" 49"
    CS-135S-235G3 130.5" 59.2" 124" 53"

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