Raven Screen Material

A pure smooth, high contrast dark gray screen material with black backing. The specialized gray coating provides excellent light absorption, keeps the original white while enhancing the black to provide up to 7 times higher contrast than a traditional screen material. An ultra-wide viewing angle ensures the high definition output without any resolution reduction. This screen surface is best used when there is ambient light present or with high lumen projectors. Popular applications would be media rooms, boardrooms, restaurants, or any other application that high contrast is desired.  The nature of the Raven screen material also makes it an ideal choice for today’s Ultra Short Throw projectors. The Raven screen material was designed to work with all projector types including LCD and DLP and also with LED, Laser and Lamp based light source, and resolutions including 1080p, 4k and even 8k. The screen surface can be cleaned with mild organic cleaner diluted with water and is flame retardant and mildew resistant.

*Make sure to wash the entire surface not just little spots

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