Nero G4 thin home theatre projector screen.

Stunning Design That Blends With Any Decor

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Style Meets Design

I bought a new projector and was using an old screen and the image wasn't that good.  I was amazed how how the picture came to life with my new screen.

Joan B.

When replacing my screen my dealer suggested the Cirrus Screens Slate Grey screen.  The black levels are so much better now.  I can actually see things in I never saw with my old screen.

John M.

I love the look of my new Nero screen.  The frame is so small you hardly notice it, and I get a bigger picture.  Win win!

Jeff S.

The tech support rep from Cirrus Screens suggested I use their Raven material for my living room.  WOW Did it ever make a difference! The picture isn't washed out any more! Thanks!

Ryan R.

Performance Meets Luxury

Whether you're an avid video connoisseur, or just want to watch the big game on the big screen, the screen makes all of the difference. Our beautifully designed screens have been engineered to extract every last bit of performance from your projector.

A Wealth of Experience

Our roots are in residential theatre systems. Put our decades of experience to work for you to build your dream theatre.