UST Screen

  • Screen Models: Nero
  • Thickness: 0.46mm
  • Gain: 0.4-0.6
  • Light Reflection Rate: >90%
  • Viewing Angle:≥140°
  • Luminance Suggestion: 1000 lumens/sqm

Our UST screens are grey in pigment colour and have microscopic lenticular ridges, exaggerated in this diagram so you can see them, whose cross section looks like a series of right triangles with the angled side facing downward. The angled side is reflective and directs light from the projector into the viewing area, while the top side of the ridges is black to absorb ambient light from above.

These screens include layers of angular-reflective material as well as optical and absorptive microscopic beads, to improve the viewing angle, redirect and/or absorb ambient light from the sides, and adjust the screen's gain.

The Cirrus UST screen surface is an absolute marvel of sophisticated engineering and design.

The screen surface can be cleaned with mild soap and water and is flame retardant and mildew resistant.

* This material only to be used with UST type projectors